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Today’s Inefficient Real-estate Investing Model

Today's broken real estate investing process. There are many professionals that stand between the investor and their desired investment. They take large fees and commission.


Today's broken model relies on a real estate agent to list your property or help you find a listed property. Real estate agents are middle-men that are not invested in your success. Let's face it, agents don't put a penny into helping you buy, build, manage, or grow your asset. Then why should they be entitled to a whopping 5% commission for merely listing it? Middle-men are not needed with today's technology!

Unnecessary Fees

Mortgage brokers are another class of middle-men who get compensated on the loans they make. They get commission type compensation for every loan they close, purely based on the borrowers credentials and track record. So why do they charge business owners a ridiculous upfront fee to submit a loan request? Underwriting fees and loan origination fees are a thing of the past. Did they forget that they make enough money on the interest rate and securitizing loans?

Paperwork Professionals

Legal professionals are important in the process of closing deals. But burdening them with creating contracts from scratch often comes with hefty fees. Writing the terms of a deal on paper shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. The typical attorney or accountant does not have the same industry knowledge that you have, and they will never guarantee a successful outcome in your deal.


The Future of Real-Estate Investments

The Future of hotel real estate investing: the iHotel Investment model. We provide the option of investing directly into hotel assets without brokers or commissions.


iHotel Investment removes the real estate agent. We rely on technology to market our clients' properties. We remove the brokers on both sides of a transaction so your money ends up in the deal and not in the pockets of a commission agent. Technology reaches a far bigger and relevant audience than any broker's Rolodex. Its the 21st century- say goodbye to middle-men!

iHotel Investment

If the general public and local community sees your funding needs as an investment opportunity, then why don't banks and mortgage brokers? Real estate finance doesn't have room for bureaucracy, politics, and irrational fees. Let's get back to the basics; raise capital for well planned hotel projects and simply pay the cost of using that capital, not origination fees and underwriting fees.

Income Producing Hotel

Income Producing Hotel

iHotel Investment is not just 21st century technology. We have legal, accounting, and land-use professionals working on organizing and conveying the terms of a deal. We do the leg work and prepare the paperwork. Of course we welcome investors to review the details with their trusted advisors, but you no longer have to pay them to prepare the paperwork. Today's savvy hotel issuers and hotel investors understand common contract terms and obligations. We understand!


Why Is Crowdfunding An Advantage


iHotel's cutting edge hotel investment technology allows investors to participate from the comfort of their living room. Perform due diligence, sign contracts, and safely transfer funds to our escrow accounts with the click of a button.


Investors in iHotel Investment are encouraged to meet the operators and learn directly about hotel investment opportunities. To help justify an investment opportunity, essential financial information and proformas are made available. After an investment has been made, iHotel Investment provides quarterly interest statements, periodic updates from operators, and annual K1's.


Invest as much or as little as you want, and still receive the same security as everybody else.  Most deals require a minimum investment increment of $10,000 - $25,000. If the deal doesn’t get fully funded, 100% of your money is returned with no fees and no penalties. It’s that simple!


Why Choose iHotel Investment


We coordinate and organize the capital stack in well planned projects and identify growing markets. Our experience working with attorneys, local governments, and qualified hotel operators allows us to identify profitable new development opportunities, or make offers to acquire existing cash flow-positive hotels before they go to market. We are legal professionals with hotel development experience that can help organize the legal and tax services that often come paired with real estate investing.


Our branded hotel offerings cater to a vast demographic. Those who participate in our investment offerings can be accredited, non-accredited, domestic, or in special cases, EB-5 foreign investors. For hotel developers, if your property does not get publicly funded, iHotel Investment may consider investing into your deal.

Additional Services

Get help with EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa. Foreign investors, see how you may qualify to become a United States Permanent Resident by investing in potential offerings provided through iHotel Investment. Get advice on how you might defer your capital gains tax on the sale of your real estate assets with 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges. Investing through Individual Retirement Accounts (Self Directed-IRA accounts) is a viable way to invest on iHotel Investment' platform.



Why Invest in Franchised Hotel Assets?

Revenue Pattern

Hotel assets are easily quantified in terms of size, type, cost. The revenue pattern is predictable and relates to market trends. At iHotel Investment we can see how one particular brand or market is performing compared to another, and our investment model reflects that.

Centralized Reservation System

Hotel assets are well quantified in terms of performance because of centralized reservation systems and point of sale software being integrated into the hotel. This technology and business standard provides for a very transparent view of actual revenues.

Management Teams

Efficient operators can really make the difference. Partnering with the right management team is just as important as the capital stack for the asset. Having a competent team with a strong sense for sales, customer service, and industry norms can make a big difference.

Frequent Travelers

Franchised Select-Service hotels offer many amenities that one might find at iconic full-service hotels but are nestled in more convenient corporate destinations with less overhead. They typically offer 90-130 interior corridor guest rooms with free WIFI, parking, and hot breakfast options.

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