As things keep getting tougher, it is becoming more difficult to cater for school needs. Students can make things a bit light by engaging themselves in some simple businesses.

There are many business ideas for students to be able to carter for basic needs in campus without troubling their sponsor(s). These are the most lucrative and easy to start businesses.

1. Shoe business

The sale of male and female shoes is a lucrative business idea for you as a student. Ladies like to be trendy as well as some guys and they always want to spend money to look good so a small scale shoe business will help you make huge profits to carter for some of your school needs.

All you need is to find where you can buy these shoes at low cost and take them to campus to sell.

2. Recharge cards business

Recharge cards and data is a commodity people cannot do without on daily basis. This business is perfect for those who want to sell something in school and do not want to be carrying loads everywhere.

All you need for this business is a little capital to start and the zeal to continue selling despite the facts that profits are not that huge until students start recognizing you. If you’re consistent in the business, you’ll gain more recognition and maximize profit.

3. Cosmetics and Perfume Oil Business

Are you passionate about the fashion business as a student? Cosmetic and perfume oil business is a lucrative business idea for you if only you are able to discover where you can be buying your cosmetics and perfumes in retail and sell them to students at good prices.

It depends on how much you want to use as your starting capital. Perfume oil business is also one of the business ideas in Nigeria you can start on a low capital.

4. Sandals and easy-footwear making

This form of business requires a little more time than the other businesses listed above. By learning how to use your time well you’ll have little to zero problem in the business.

All you need is learn the skill, purchase a few required work tools, and find a good spot where you can mount your workshop. With these, you won’t run out of cash in the campus.

5. Graphic design

Graphic design is a long term business that you can choose to continue with even after leaving school. It’s a very flexible business you can do online or offline from the comfort of your home or hostel.

With your phone and laptop, your graphics design office is set.

6. Photography

Photography business is another business idea students can go into. To start the business, you need to know how to handle your camera and you also need to know how to edit pictures.

Many people see photography as a business for the male gender only. Such perception is flawed since what is required is the skill.

7. Fast food

Fast food business is one of the best business idea for students whether you’re male or female. As long as you can cook and have a passion for it, you can make money from it.

Simple meals like noodles and egg, tea and bread, bread and egg, Akara (Bean Cake) with bread and Akamu (pap) can be a major focus in the business.

For a start, you need a good shop or space, cooking equipment, ingredients and cutleries.

8. Laundry and dry cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning business is another admiringly lucrative business for students. It is a lucrative business idea in school many students do not have time to wash clothes because they are too busy attending lectures, studying and partying.

9. Computer business center

Because of the analogue registration and documentation processes in Nigerian universities, there’s need for typesetting, printing, photocopying, lamination and other related services.

As a computer literate student, you can start a computer business center in campus by getting the major equipment needed like computer, printer, photocopier, a generator and lamination machine. With these few items you can make huge sum of money on daily basis.



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