Time is a limited commodity, effective time management is one of the most essential skills for business owners. As a business owner, sometimes it feels like there is so little time and too much to do which often climax in stress and anxiety.

Here are some time management tips for business owners. Hopefully they’ll help boost your performance and confidence, meet deadlines and deliver on time, reduce stress and anxiety and most importantly help you and your business thrive.

Find your golden time.

Do you know there’s a golden time peculiar to each individual? A time when a person is most active in the day.  Some are most active at the early hours of the day, some at mid-day while some others at night.

Owing to this fact, you need to examine yourself to ascertain when you’re most productive and setting up your day in harmony.

Save your most productive windows of time for your most important and urgent tasks. You can then use your least productive hours in doing jobs that don’t require as much energy.

Have a daily schedule and stick to it

One of the worst things you can do for your productivity is show up at the office without a clearly defined set of goals and tasks to accomplish for the day. Such disorganization leads to inefficiency and waste of time. Organize your time based on your current priorities. Suggestively, make an hour-by-hour breakdown or just a list of chores for the day. This can help you structure your time effectively.

Avoid unnecessary distractions

To be able to accomplish your daily tasks on time, you must work diligently and avoid distractions.

Here are practical tips:

  • Turn your phone on silent.
  • Ensure you’re mentally and physically present during work hours.

It is very crucial to keep business matters out of family time to ensure a positive work-life balance. Proper segmentation of your day will help you manage your time well.

Delegate duties

You will be highly stressed out if you try to perform every task single-handedly, thereby weakening you from performing future tasks. Hire people you can trust, and give them the work you don’t have time for – or the work you don’t know how to do. This will give you time to focus on the tasks you’re best at and the ones that mean the most to you. If you’re a new business or not big enough to pay full-time employees, you can source for freelance contractors occasionally.

Use the time sorting method

It’s not possible to do everything all at the same time. Therefore, it is very important to sort your tasks using the following method:

First – Urgent and important tasks.

Second – Not urgent but important tasks.

Third – Urgent but not important tasks.

Fourth – Not urgent and not important tasks.

Sort all your tasks each week following this simple method. Take one step at a time. This time management tips is the best way to prioritize tasks.

Avoid multitasking

Your brain can only handle doing one thing at a time. So, if you try to do more, you’ll only end up constantly switching your focus and taking even more time to complete both tasks.

Focus your attention on one task at a time. When it’s complete, then you can move on to the next thing. Organize your day that way and see how efficient and enjoyable it is. For example, you could focus on answering emails first thing in the morning to get that out of the way, and select another block of time to return phone calls. Once finished with a task on your list, move on to the next one.


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