The hotel front office staff is responsible for handling guest inquiries, reservations, and check-in and check-out processes. However, because they are in touch with guests more often than staff in other departments, they should behave in a way that guarantees long-term client trust and goodwill.

Since hotel front office personnel are the face of the hotel and the first business contact persons that a guest meets on entering the premises, they should always radiate attributes that give due respect and honour to the customer.

The following are front office etiquette a personnel should exhibit all the time.

1. Manners – A hotel front office personnel Front office staff should exhibit good mannerism. Good manners build respect for the company, and spontaneously tell the guest that the firm upholds good hospitality conduct.

Greet everybody you see with warm and welcoming smile. Develop good eye contact and listening skills. Even if you are busy, you should show that you really care.

2. Never should you talk about any personal life with the guest. You shouldn’t relate to the guest that you tired from work. Also don’t talk about the salary. Don’t involve the guest in your personal life.

3. When talking with the guest, use his/her name but sparingly. As example, you can say ‘hello Mr. John, how are you today?’ or ‘How may I assist you Ms Kate?’.

4. If a guest comes to the reception to complain for anything, don’t cut him short, listen and let him vent it out. When he’s done talking, you can reply politely and deal with the complaint, perhaps by contacting with the concerned department, and follow up until everything is solved, follow up with the guest and be sure that he is satisfied with the service. Never should you argue with a guest under any circumstances.

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5. Be punctual. You need to come early to have complete hand over from the previous shift.

6. Look your best with clean and tidy uniform. Do not use strong smelling cologne, some guests might be allergic to it.

7. Try to be always calm. You can do it by taking long breath, taking your time to think before giving a reply or making any decision. If you don’t have the authority to make a particular decision, contact with your supervisor or your manager to handle the situation.

8. Do not shift blames to colleagues in the presence of the guest. Rather, quickly find a solution to the problem.

9. Keep all the handover points written in the logbook clearly for the next shift. Very importantly, read and explain it to the next shift as you handover before you leave to avoid complications after you are gone.

10. Do not use slangs with the guest. Keep it formal as much as you can.

11. Do not run in reception or lobby area. If need be, you can walk fast, but don’t run.

12. Keep a good distance when you are talking with the guest.

13. Do not leave the reception area unattended. When taking a break, you should have someone to take your place while you’re away.


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