There are numerous pitfalls within a hotel that can affect cash flow, and regardless of whether they’re accidental or intentional, they have consequences. Nevertheless, the good news is that most of them can be prevented.

It is important you also develop strategies to help your hotel avoid these common pitfalls.

Poor Customer service

 The quality of the guest experience lies in the hands of your staff. If guests find it difficult to get information, assistance or their complaints properly handled in a timely manner, it creates a bad image for the hotel leading to loss of customers.

Not following up

You’ve made serious effort to solve a guest’s problem. That’s commendable, but it doesn’t stop there, once you’ve solved your client’s dilemma, make sure you follow up and make sure the problem was fixed to the customer’s satisfaction. By following up, you can erase the negative feeling and replace it with a constructive one. Since we want to recall the last thing that happened to us, you’ll want to make sure that your guests leave the hotel with a memorable experience!

Unnecessary charges

It drives guests crazy when hotels create unnecessary fees like charging for Wi-Fi or wildly inflated prices of things like minibar items. This makes the hotel seem like it’s trying to extract every penny from guests.

Headaches at the Front Desk

The front desk is the face of the hotel. The longer guests have to wait while attendants try to meet their needs, the worse it reflects on the hotel’s name.

Failing to Update the Property

As years go by, things in the hotel gradually become worn out or outdated and feel uncomfortable. It’s very important to regularly replace mattresses, repaint walls, spruce up decorations and add to the list of amenities. If these are not been taken care of, guests are most likely to look for other lodging alternatives.

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Ill Housekeeping

Nothing can be more disappointing during a hotel stay like coming back to a dirty room. Housekeepers must be diligent and fully respect guests privacy (disregarding a do-not-disturb sign does not speak well of the hotel service).

Giving your best to deliver a memorable guest experience is not easy or inexpensive, but the effort is worth it. It ensures guests leave happy and impressed, both ready to recommend and eager for a return visit.


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