Every big achievement takes planning. Undoubtedly, trips and vacation takes immense sacrifice, savings and planning. The cost of living is on the increase daily. This shouldn’t make you cancel your travel plans. The following tips will help you meet up with that trip you’ve been thinking about.

Have a motive

First of all, have a motive for the journey. Are you going on a vacation? Be specific on the places you’ll like to visit when you get there. Could be the Museum, Zoo, Beach, mountains – name them. Are you travelling to a particular location to learn about their culture?

Having a very clear idea in your mind of what you want to achieve will help you plan on how to save money for travel. You can make your intention more powerful by writing it down.

Create your travel budget

Now that you have set your travel intention, you should work out your travel budget. 

Make proper enquiry on how much it will cost you to get there and how much money you’re likely to need on a weekly basis (taking into account local transportation, accommodation, food & drink and leisure expenses). 

Once you know how much money you’ll need, take a look at your monthly budget (or create one) and see how long it will take to save up. Don’t worry if it looks like you won’t be able to save enough money at first.

Start Saving

A tip on how to save money for your trip is to create a separate bank account for your travel savings if you do not already have one.

This money in the account won’t be used for any other expenses. Self-discipline is required.

By setting aside money weekly or monthly depending on how you earn, no matter how little it is, you’ll be able to meet your target.

Track your Spending

It’s very important to know what you’re spending your money on when saving money for travel. Pay attention to where your money is going when budgeting for travel. Sit down and start making a list of where you spend every single penny each month. Be diligent and don’t let anything slide by.

Stop Eating Out

While eating out might be less stressful, it does your travel plan no good because it is quite expensive. Homemade foods are more economical and gives you room to save many for your upcoming trip.

Pick up a side hustle

If you really want to save money quickly, then picking up a side hustle is a great way to increase your monthly savings. If you already have a job, you might think on finding a freelance work, or taking up a restaurant job on the weekends to help you get additional income.

Taking up an extra job might not be all that easy. If you find that taking on an extra job is taking a toll on your mental wellbeing, adjust your monthly savings and meet your target conveniently.

Use Public Transport

Using your own vehicles will only lead to you spending more money. Rather, take full advantage of the public transport systems in the area where you live and save money.

Limit your entertainment and leisure activities

If you feel like spending time with friends, instead of going out to eat, invite them to your home and cook the food. Go to places on days there are free admission or look for free things to do during the free time. You don’t always have to spend money to have a good time, take a look around and there will always be something you can do without burning a hole in your pocket.



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