A Trip can be gratifying when you are able to fully accomplish your purpose of making it. No one would derive pleasure from a trip comprising of hitches, loss of valuables and discomfort. Therefore, you can prevent any of these from happening by taking note of the following tips.

1. Make photocopies

It is very common to loose important stuffs like IDs, license or passport either by misplacement or to thieves. To be able to recover them back, make two photocopies of those documents, store the original separately from the one you’re travelling with and leave one with a friend or relative.

2. Make advance bookings

Last-minute travel arrangements often lead to frustration which is a total off from what anyone would wish for on his trip. Not only will you spend more, you are most likely to get what does not suit you or even be left without a place to stay. To prevent any of these from happening, make bookings as soon as you’ve had a concrete arrangement for a trip.

3. Early take off

Leaving earlier than necessary for trips will allow you more time to relax on arriving at your destination before the start of your purposed activity there. In addition, by leaving early you’ll save yourself the tension about reaching on time in case you run into a problem along the way.

4. Carry cash

Problems with your bank that can cause your debit/credit card to be denied or even mobile transfers impossible can arise without warning. Carrying a reasonable amount of cash can help you make some expenses like paying a cab driver or buying lunch without leaving you stranded while the bank issue is being resolved.

5. Keep your phone battery fully charged

Your cell phone can be especially useful on a trip when you need to take notes. Rather than straining to get a pen and paper, your cell phone camera can save you the time and energy.

Not only for snaps shots would a cell phone be useful on a trip, but also for phone calls especially in time of urgency. Your phone will be less useful in these situations if the battery is getting low or even worst dead.

6. Avoid oversharing travel information online

People often tend to share their travel plans or photos of their adventures while still away from home. These updates on social media advertise your absence from home and make your home vulnerable to break in. Wait till you’re safely back home before sharing travel experiences.

7. Take precautions

Your health and safety should be your priority when making a trip. While pessimism with regards to health and safety is not encouraged, it is essential to be aware of your surroundings and potential threats to your health and safety.

Safety Tips

  1. Be Health Wise: Carry along with you pills if you have an underlying health condition and remember to add simple first-aid medications in case of an emergency.
  2. Protect your items from theft: Keep valuables out of sight. Flaunting expensive items like jewelries and electronic gadgets can make you a target of robbery. It is advisable to have your valuables in the inner pocket of what you’re wearing rather than in your back/breast pockets or the outer pocket of your backpack. Better still, put your valuables items in a cross-body bag instead of a shoulder or hand bag that can easily be snatched.


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